Big English Cheese Wants You!

Can you build a web page? Do you have an idea which is not currently in the cheesy directory? Well mail me now!

What will be involved?

  • You need to grab yourself some web space.
  • You need to mail me with your plan so I can send stuffs for you to make pages which look like those already here.
  • You need to create a link gif and banner gif for your area.
  • You need to send me your gifs locations so that I may download them.
  • Set up a redirection from a page in your main directory called index.html to and tell me what you are calling the page you wish your visitors to come in on.

It is that simple! If you annoy me, I just remove the links to your site from all the pages and instruct all of the other minions to do the same. I wouldn't worry about that though as I am a very easy going chap, and will warn you before doing it.