Welcome to the P.G. Williams Challenge

Hello there sports fans. This is the P.G. Williams Challenge. I hear you say "The what?" and "This stupid computer has taken me to somewhere stupid again". Don't go away, because there is a fabulous prize! Yes that's right, you could be the owner of

A Shiny English Penny!


100 insanity tokens (Big English Cheese will give you pokémon card/s, mail me for details)

All you have to do is work 10 or more different quotes from the one who is P.G.Williams into an interesting story which may only be as long as 4 times the number of words as what you have used as quotes. Your story does not have to be a science fiction as, although most of the quotes have been taken from an astronomy lesson, there are many references which could be very easily used in a different context. Quotes must be of greater length than four words. Please put quotes in { } type brackets so that I can see where they are.Send me your stories when you are finished. Good luck.

Here are some quotes.
Week One 2000-2001
Week Two 2000-2001
Week Three (Valentine's special) 200-2001
Week Four 2000-2001
Week One 2001-2002
Week Two 2001-2002
Week Three 2001-2002
Week Four 2001-2002
Week Five 2001-2002
Week Six 2001-2002
Week Seven 2001-2002
Week Eight 2001-2002

Things what happened on 13/02/02


I am very sorry that I am not Properly organized, I lost my lecture notes.

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