Week 1 2000-2001

 Ah, we're back to square one. It won't turn you crazy, it might turn me crazy. This is a history lesson.
Didn't quite know what was going on. I'm fairly ignorant about this. Why isn't there a wind that blows constantly on us?
Suppose you've got a merry go round. These people where really cleaver. I'm afraid I made a booboo there.
There won't be much on telescopes. He had a bit of a fight with, I think, a king. I did this last night so you'd think I'd remember.
The Sun is executing a tiny ellipse. There's a nice picture of Galileo, I like that one. He was always arguing with people, Hook and so on.
Newton was a really interesting character. Hook had this basic idea... you have radiation coming out from somewhere. His space was a flat space.
I just want to give you an idea how Newton did it. I'm not playing that game. I had to go home and think it through again.
I think this is what you do in school. If you really want to know what was going on in my head. The Sun is perturbed by Jupiter.
I'll wave my hands with the ellipse. Think of the Earth, and, think of us going of into space. If we just drop the missile, "Clunk".

Week one - 2000-2001

Week two - 2000-2001