Week 1 2000-2001

It's not dishonesty honestly You might have noticed that I am completely out of schedule. I'm going to cover the solar system comparatively superficial.
Not so much encrypted as compressed. A being the major axis. The Holy Grail of astronomy.
I current is flying in that aerial. Go and have a peak at Chaisson. I guess you know what a magnetic field is from just playing with bar magnets.
Let me do it again. Maybe they are executing simple harmonic motion. This may sound a bit naff.
Lots of electrons shooting around like mad. As soon as they are bent they will emit radiation. If they come in on a parallel, they wont end up bent.
I'm repeating myself, perhaps in a different language. It's a diatomic molecule. It's not a real spring.
Ow, I don't know what I did there. Radio, energy gets so small you don't talk about it. If you get higher and drier you avoid that.
Parallel rays of light hitting the two slits. You take a reasonably wide slit and do an experiment. You see the waves coming in.
Suppose you are looking at two sources. These two have fuzzy edges. Is that one source or two sources?
Just for the sake of showing you the formula explicitly If you zap an atom with just the right frequency. A frequency that corresponds with a reddish pink colour.
You can have a stimulated emission. This goes on forever of course. M17, one of my favorite objects.
The message of the picture is... Plank was the man of the 20th century. Smack in the middle of the yellow region.
There's what could be a very cool star. Don't take any notice of this. I hadn't really forgotten to jump.
It's just I panic. A cool star is peeking in the infer-red. A continuum with some wheels in it.
There's a rather smoother transition. You can measure the strength of a continuum and make a plot. I just want to go through this physical argument.
If a person was looking at a source running away from them. We are now close to our black body spectrum business. This is the name of the game.
I want to go through the whole business of telescopes. You can see fainter sources in the sky. Not one blob, but, two separate blobs.
This is the ground.    

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