Week 3 (Valentine's Special) 2000-2001

If you have, you have done it before me. ... awfully interesting physics in there. This is going to be illustration, illustration, illustration.
With your presence, thing go wrong. You can put different coatings on. You can support them on the back.
You've only got to face the figure. You can look at it with your eye. People would sit in a cage.
Do things with it. The mirror doesn't cause any problems. You'll see it when you look at pictures in books.
Very tiny thing, it looks like a tent. This is the reflection in the mirror, and, this is the hole. You couldn't do this without computers.
Yellow is the thing that I emphasize the most because I think it is more visible. It's got to be able to move in two perpendicular directions. I just want to show you what is going on in the mountains in Hawaii.
That's the coming thing. Out and back the thing you have actually seen. You see a blob and you see a blob, well, a big blob.
I can't give you the exact details of how they do it. It's a high exited level. These are the clouds being exited very highly.
The weird thing I was doing was counting. My hand rested on this mouse. If you want a really big one, it is hard to find a mechanical system to drive such a thing.
They penetrate deep inside. You have to use special types of receivers. They beat against each other.
You make a little antenna horn. You have a horn. There's his little friend from Kaltek.
It's not chicken wire by any means. I'll go through each one of these. There are a complex series of windows and non-windows.
An iris we're doing. It's the green-house gasses doing the job. After they fixed up the optics.
You've seen this before but now you've got more knowledge. You've got to make damn sure that you don't point at the Sun. It's taken sideways so you don't actually see the panels.
Bye bye, off you go now. The lid was open because it was doing it's job. The reason I show you this is A, because of him, (or her, I can't tell), B, because, what do you think that is?
It was more clunky than the other stuff. There are the arcs. It's probably the central engine that is spewing out material.
Life's complicated in the infer-red. A body emits in the infer-red. You shine X-rays through a persons body.
It is a point of interest that "Nicmos Again" did appear on the screen. As Williams did not say it it does not qualify as a quote.

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