Week 4 2000-2001

Maybe you will never have an exam. I will spend about three weeks on stars. I was desperately preparing the remainder.
It's so pretty that I thought I would show it to you. The Sun will become a Beetlejuice. Here' the Sun, one times the radius of the Sun.
I won't write down the mathematical formula to that *. How do we square a circle. It's approximately around the right ball park.
I'll actually spell that out using a formula. Damn it all, I've made a mistake again. Ah, I've got it right now.
I was obviously in a bad state when I did this last night. Feckner's law - which is a physiological discovery. You've got to... ** It's this that's broken down... You sound happy.
I'm going to press the reset button and see what happens. I haven't had any technological failures so far. I'm back on normal.
Compare it with me, I'm sweating away like mad, and probably half of you as well, with your heavy jackets on.
Points of interest (not quotes) * The next slide showed F=sigmaTTTT and L=4pie, RRsigma in VERY big letters. ** This is the point that the projector had had enough and went on strike, momentarily bewildering Williams whose ability to talk went briefly with it.

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