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I've got into trouble quite often in an infinite square well. If you were able to look at the wave function, which you can't, it's the green thing. It just stands there, it doesn't oscillate, it just sort of glows.
Where's the drinkin' momentum and all that jazz? There are three or four postulates, depending on which way you count. Compare these two animals.
I don't have anything to do with them, they're nothing to do with me. If you show them all together I'll clean them up later. Then the magic time comes.
I'm waving my hands but I'll show a transparency of that later. And that's the magical change. They broke up, not because they wanted to.
The government imposed some condition. Pigeons would nest in there, They had to export the pigeons.
It was nothing to do with pigeon droppings. As you go further away from us you go backwards in time. I put this in the wrong order.
This is just to show you Queen Mary and all it's wonders. The ones that come up from behind. In this game, what you do is, you run many runs.
I can't explain this simply. Here's the gondola, just for fun. Five minutes is really like three minutes.
It's the sort of thing I do with a third year class. Everything in the garden is wonderful. Let's end with a mystery.
The prediction is that Our Universe is not one that does the simple thing. They go away, and then come back, and pay a visit and then go away again. The star, you can't see it, because it's in my hand.
I tend to waffle on too long on different topics. With the most meat in it. They've got a large mass, so they're very expensive.
There are some places where it comes out more easily. Most models say "The body is either going to be a black hole or a pulsar". They revealed this information and then the whole thing went mad.
A great big spiral pancake, and we're inside that. You ask "Well how do I penetrate that". If you look really closely, you won't see it, because it's not there, oh, there it is.

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