Week 1 2001-2002

Through some parts of this huge jungle. That's the plan of campaign. I expect you people to do reading.
Except for odd individuals who are mavericks. Let's begin with a tour of the Universe. That's a shot of our friend Jupiter.
Eros was fun last year. Comets go by and disturb them, and, occasionally something shoots out. Dust is really very important.
You might think it's just a bit of a mess, but it's not. Where on Earth did he get that shape? Those are his holes. *
I'm just cherry picking, as it were, from the slot. For some reason I can't get to the top. The next thing is what happens in the night.
** Fortunately this is run by a battery... so the computer did not go out. Forget about the Solar system, just think about us. The Sun is over there somewhere, isn't it?
If you do it for yourself, you will see. A little higher every day, thank goodness. Let's take my ring, it's pointing at the Sun almost continuously.
You should sit down and follow it.    
* In reference to the notorious "Clegg holes". ** Knocked the plug from the projector.

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