Week 2 2001-2002

Now a disaster hit me. The plane in the sky is perpendicular to us. I just prey that the screen doesn't just go clunk.
The fact that people where hooked on circles was the main problem. Which were naughty, naughty, naughty as far as the Church was concerned. Everything was perfect in those days.
It's meant to be a science philosophy. And then the clamp came on and they had to keep their mouths shut. As it goes round, more and more of it gets exposed.
Now let me think very hard, yes, I think I am all right. A point about hidden weird things in the world. What's the force? Blah.
A rock is trying to pull you out. I'm going to stop at this point. This is what I want to rehearse again.
You can reconstruct them from mere thought. If this piece of paper that the Sun is moving on crosses the piece of paper the Earth is moving on. The passage through the atmosphere.
Again, we'll have some fun with Mars. That's being scattered ev'ry which way. One day someone is going to have to invent something which projects my finger from over here * to the screen.
* Here, is his computer, which has both palm and a mouse.    

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