Week 3 2001-2002

You know this year I have been rubbing out my own lectures. *[sorry for the lack of quotes] I don't like it that way because it hides the physics from me.
Where was I not general enough? The ice skater pulls their arms in. Friction on the feet.
Again here we've got our story. This took me hours to shade in. The Sun is doing a little twiddling around.
The keys to our knowledge and understanding. **[sorry for another lack of quotes]. Perhaps because they are so naff you will remember them. ***
Let me just quickly give you some quick hand waving. You can see he's a big guy, a very important man. It's moving like mad, all the time.
Now we're all doomed, I have to use this chalk. In fact it's my friend CO, carbon monoxide. **** There are tricks and ways around this, but you pay a price.
And that should be the end of everything. These are the DNA signatures we have for these lines.
* I could not concentrate because there was a menacing picture of Newton on the screen...
... who was staring into my very soul...
...for over ten minutes.
** He did a problem sheet?! I had to try and do it, right then. *** The projector slides, which did look quite good.
**** ?! I don't think it wants to be your friend.There are tricks and ways around this, but you pay a price.  

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