Week 4 2001-2002

I have to go and find my expert in pressing buttons. You don't have to be shy to say you have. As I was looking at the preparation of this, and, how I work...
Not a single line, but a whole set of lines, lots of lines, going in all directions. Between you and the source. I've said this, I don't know why I've said this again.*
If you look at it carefully, which you shouldn't Sigma's that horrible number there. 2.82 to an astronomer is about 1.
Let's take the Earth. You might worry about a curved Earth, but you don't have to. The Earth is not as simple an object as one might imagine.
I did this transparency last night. ** I've made several mistakes on this. Venus is terrible, absolutely horrific.
I keep showing you the laws, deliberately. Of course, you just see a rainbow. This is a slightly better looking fit.
These are such nice slides, I thought I would show them to you. When you look further back in time, you should see everything hotter. *** They can spread out much more than in this picture.
That's Henry Draper's catalog. Now, I tell a lie slightly. I'm saying it again, now why am I saying it again?
If I ran away from you my voice would go down and if I ran towards you my voice would go squeaky. I'm not sure if that's what's coming, yes. You have to study very carefully, all the aspects of your source, to try and discover which one it is.
The star is just a dot in the middle there. There was a conundrum, once upon a time... It's quite well fitted, well, it's not well fitted at all.
So, that's the plan of campaign. Well, I hadn't until I did. Where am I, I'm five minutes.
To some extent you can play that game. That is what I reality is like, in practice.  
* I'm just going to curl up near Dave's corner and try and get some sleep. ** Projector slide, and, what?!!! *** I have become cold and have stopped yawning, how am I still awake?

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