Week 5 2001-2002

You take a bit of it here and a bit of it there and then you put them together. Out in space the wave front is strait. As time goes on the image just jumps around in your field of view.
The Answer is, there are many answers. A star is a dot in the sky. When they've fiddled about with the wave front.
Of course they use it for all this missile stuff that they are trying to spend all of Castro's money on. That is what's known as the forbidden line. I've been hit by so much energy or so much radiation.
It's awful when you can't remember when a person's retired or dead. The long wavelength clobbers you. Liquid helium's the best.
4am is the worst time. Let me go backwards. You've done some of this already with me.
So you have to go into space. I want to jump a little bit. You'll notice I'm cherry picking.
There is one of you, who is very sensible, and has a pen. * You see amazing jets in the radio. In the nursery where they are born...
There it is, a bright monster, shining away. I will examine you on the stuff I present to you. I believe in Kaufman and Freedman...
... and spread out sources in the sky. Oh, I must have held my hand down too long; my finger down too long. That's X-Men undergoing vibration tests.
* Oh shit! He's spotted me.

Week four - 2001-2002

Week five - 2001-2002