Week 7 2001-2002

You wont even open the door because this will it you in the eye. I'm just showing you this to show you what the current state of the game is. And there , in the background, you can see bits of the universe.
3m/s is not very fast, is it? So it's going around and around and around in the sky. It's the wobble method.
Here's an example of people trying to use tricks. It's like a butterfly. Now, what are we talking about?
You can then move it, on a piece of paper, to ten parsecs away. O, bring a fully grown kangaroo, my recipe needs some. I think this was a posed picture, but, there's the ladies.
Why women, well first of all, they're cheap. * You get that by knowing. ** Oh no, it turns out the core collapses and the envelope expands.
Why the Hell did we choose that and make life awkward? The answer is history. This is wrong. I've just spotted that. No this is wrong. We're O.K. Hang on, where am I? I'm going the wrong way. I'm lost.
* No more quotes today, I just couldn't stop pissing myself with laughter. ** And that was the end of an explanation of how to get something.  

Week seven - 2001-2002

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