Week 8 2001-2002

Today I'm going to do the harmonic oscillator. You'll notice and x cum in the same manner. O.K. I just fiddled around.
It looks like I done nothing! I wanna keep this blackboard. Of course you can write in terms of , but you don't really want to.
Lets add! ... no I don't mean add, I mean subtract. To be completely correct, I'll divide by A0 - which is irrelevant because the answer is zero anyway. * Wet paint, but there's nothing there.
There's one person still with a disc, no, there's two people still with a disc, one other than you. In fact, I diverge quite a bit. Sometimes I put a bit of meat into it.
It wasn't a slip in principle, it was just general looseness. So that's quite a naughty formula as well. I'm not sure who's right, I guess I am.
In fact, it wasn't the next topic, it was the previous topic. How can you get the mass of anything that you can't get your hands on? It's like a sea-saw. **
Just bear with me, I am going to try and experiment. Delete, go on, get away... oh dear... oh sodding machine. I'm about thirteen stone so I would weigh 40x10^6kg.
I'm always suspicious of text books. I could give you a course. I'm emitting heat, and, so are you.
There's some cauldron boiling away in the middle of the sun. *** I penetrated through that hill and came out on the other side.  
* First two words were read off the board very, very slowly. ** M1/M2 = r1/r2 *** At which point I decided to try and rewrite the end of a short story I began to write for my GCSEs.

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Week eight - 2001-2002