Pretty Pictures

For no apparent reason, here are some images to inspire insanity in all our reader.

I may have stolen stuff from you, or someone you know. I am sorry, my aim is to bring together all kinds of stuff I like so that people like me can find it, and, lead a less annoying life. If you are really like me then you will find stuff others can't. If you are still annoyed, feel free to shout very loudly. You could mail me, if that would make you less annoyed, it probably will not.

I am very lazy, so I don't do thumbnails here. I have left everything in big (well, I don't think it's very big), so it's probably best if you only go where you want in this crazy cache busting extravaganza.

Anime Bucket

Other Cartoons

Thank you reader, for actually reading. You know who you are. You make me fell vaguely important.