Ring ring ring...
ring ring ring...

Save your thumbs! Copy the code and use an internet pager to send this strait to your phone! It's bad enough one of us has to create the code.

Red Dwarf intro - 63bpm
4a1 8- 8a1 2e2 4- 8- 16f2 16e2 16f216a2 2e2 4a1 8- 8a1 4e2 8- 8e2 1a2 4c3 4b2 2c3 8c3 8b2 8a2 8b2 2c3 2g2 2#a2 1a2 2d2 2#g2 1g2

Sailor Moon - English Theme Song 125bpm
4a2 8a2 4g2 8g2 4f2 4e2 4g2 2- 4g2 8g2 4f2 8- 4e2 4d2 4f2 2- 4d2 8a1 4d2 8a1 8d2 8f2 4a2 4g2 8- 8g2 8f2 8g2 4a2 4g2 8f2 4e2 2d2 8-

Wallace And Gromit 112bpm
4g1 8f1 8e1 4g1 8f1 8e1 8g1 2d1 4- 8- 8a1 8g1 8a1 4b1 8a1 8g1 8f1 1e1 4g1 8f1 8e1 4g1 8f1 8e1 8g1 2d1 8- 8a1 8g1 8a1 4b1 4a1 8b1 4c2 4g1 2c2