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Links page.
Takes you places which were prepared to link to us.

Pretty Pictures (animation)
Cartoon imagery that I like, and, decided that I was going to put into one place, also included, some random stuff I did.

Window to Reality (Photos)
Pictures I am pretty sure I didn't imagine.

Virtual Pratik
It's Pratik! Or is it?

P.G.Williams Challenge
The magic world of P.G.Williams random catch phrases turned into a beautiful game.

Ring Tones
I you are sick of having a ring tone you can't spot, as, it's common. Program your own without needing tallent!

HOAN completion
The current completion of the braille Hymns Old And New at S. George's Church.

Poor Poems Nook
A bunch of really bad poems.

Pit Of Wisdom
Useless knowledge, random stuff, psalms and Pi to 10000 d.p.

Sometimes I see resemblances in stuff and try to show people what I mean.